Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Busy Lives of Moms

Hi there! I've been a bit out of touch lately...with my computer anyway! I've been putting in some overtime at my full time job, being a mom! I wish that there was some way of calculating the hours spent in the pursuit of my latest career. If only there was someone I could bill time & a half for all the hours I spend awake during the night with someone sick, coughing or wanting to eat. This past week, both of the kids and I have been sick. I haven't felt as bad as the little ones, thank goodness! After days & nights of coughing, Delaney seems to be doing pretty well. I ended up buying a second vaporizer, so she & Jake could both have one in their rooms. Jake's coughing is taking a little longer to go away. But I'm hopeful he'll be back to normal in a few more days. I'm thankful that Delaney hasn't had to miss school.

But amongst all this coughing, she did have a special project to complete. This Friday is the school Art Fair. Delaney decided that she wanted to make a wire sculpture of a ferris wheel as her entry. Personally, I was hoping that she'd choose a simple project that she could complete by herself. But alas, my child tends to go overboard with her projects. When I mention this to people, they continually remind me that she's a lot like her mother. Hmmmm...I have NO idea why they would say this.... :) Yes, I know I have some perfectionist issues.

In the end, the ferris wheel turned out great. Delaney had drawings of what she wanted. We discussed the project and got some great ideas from Grandpa, who if he was left alone with this project would have it completely motorized within a few days. With Dave's and my help, Delaney cut & bent wire, adding sparkly beads and colorful embellishments all along the way. I'll post some photos of my girl with her project after the Art Fair.

Of course, me being me, I volunteered to design some signs for the Art Fair. I've never met a volunteer project that I could totally ignore. So after a few extra hours fighting with my printer, I hauled out my old laser printer today, and finally finished my part of the project this afternoon.

It's amazing to me how moms can do so much. I have no idea how I get the things done that I do. I guess lowering my housekeeping standards has allowed me quite a bit more time each week! But I'd better stop adding things to my to do list, my standards can't get much lower than they already are! I just have to stop every once in a while and laugh at all the toys strewn all over the living room; wire, tools, beads and hermit crabs living on my kitchen counter; projects for the scrapbook store stacked on the treadmill.... Is this really the home of a control freak who likes everything just so???? Yes, it is, but now, she works at home part-time, has two kids and more projects going on at once than people should be allowed to have!

I take my hat off to all you other moms out, two, five or six kids, it doesn't matter! Take a few minutes, get a shovel, make a space on your counter, and mix yourself a cocktail! You deserve to sit back & laugh about all those things that have changed since you've had kids. It really isn't as bad as it looks!


Opus #6 said...

I'm with you on this, Julie. Being a mom is tough work, as our husbands find out when we are away for whatever reason, lol.

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
I'm just stopping by to say hello!
Have a great day!

Annette Piper said...

I've heard that moms should be the best paid in the world - if we were paid by the minute for the skills we have to have.


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