Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Layout of the Week - Kraft Kuts Girl Layout

I take photos of everything! Since joining yearbook in junior high, all my friends & family could count on me to always have a camera (sometimes 2 or 3) ready at a moment's notice.

I think it's important to have photos that capture what our every day lives are like. so this day, I shot tons of photos of my kids on their swings. I ended up with one great shot of each kid. that's why I love digital cameras - take tons of shots and only keep the best ones!

I chose the papers for this layout without knowing which photo I'd use. I just knew I loved the Kraft Kuts Floral bracket paper. Then I chose some solid cardstock to match and used silver nail heads as accents.

Because the paper has such a beautiful bold pattern, I chose just one photo for this page. I wanted to end up with as many of the flowers showing as possible. that's how I chose where to place my photo.

For journaling, I thought I'd try the strip technique. I had seen it a few times in other people's layouts and liked how the little blurbs of type looked on the strips. I needed a change from being the one doing all the writing on my pages, so I "interviewed" Delaney about her swing for this page. It was fun to hear her opinions & comments.

And in the spirit of trying something new, I had my photo printed with a pink tint for this page. If you've read many of my posts, you know I have my photos printed using Costco's website. On their site, you have the option of having your photo printed in all sorts of tints. I'm a big fan of sepia and black & white photos, so I usually stick with those, but I decided to branch out for this page. Since I don't trust the computer screen when it shoes me what a color will look like, I had my photo printed in color, black & white, sepia & the pink tint. Yes, I do tend to go a little overboard (I have been called a perfectionist....). I wanted to be sure the pink tint wouldn't clash with my papers. I was pleasantly surprised & love how the pink tint adds that little something special to this layout.


When you really love the pattern of your background paper, use just one photo on the page. This lets the pattern share center stage with your photo.

Use strips of paper for your journaling. They let you write down quick thoughts instead of feeling like you have to write paragraphs for your page.

Interview your kids for your journaling. It's fun to look back & see what they were thinking or what liked when the photos were taken.

Go "outside the box" when printing your photos! Try something new, go with sepia or black & white if you always have your photos printed in color. Or go wild, like I did, and try having your photos printed with a tint.

Supply List

Fancy Pants Kraft Kuts Collection Floral Bracket die cut paper
Cardstock in Gold
Cardstock in Pink & Green
Silver Nailheads from Mark Richards
Tinted Photo printed in pink at


Momma Such said...

Looks great! I really wish I had the time and patience to scrabook. I have patience to take pictures and with my kids and so forth, but for some reason I get frustrated and fall out of interest when I try to scrapbook. I really think it's just b/c I make a big mess that I have to clean up and get out every single time! Have a great holiday weekend! :)

Tim said...

Your so funny Julie. Ya I wish I could sing. I actually use to be able to when I was in college, but got my throat messed up and so went the voice.

Thanks for your sweet comments, I love visiting your blog. You are welcome to follow us at The Fort too if you like.

Love and Prayers,


Bailey's Granny said...

Love the layout and the pink tinted photo. How cool!

Annette Piper said...

I love that - so pretty and feminine!

Theta Mom said...

You are so talened! Where do you get your ideas from? I wish I could really put some time into this kind of thing.

I've been following you! I would love for you to come by and check out my blog. :)

T. said...

very creative and good tips on this one!

~Juanita~ said...

Very nice! I like that background it's very pretty. What you said about the digital camera is so true. I remember 35mm cameras and not knowing if the photo would be nice when you got it back, lol.

I haven't done a scrap book in a long time, but thanks for the great tips!

Clueless_Mama said...

I love the idea of interviewing your kids. That would be a great way to capture them along with their photo. You are so smart!!

Dedra Long said...

Super cute layout!
You gotta love Fancy Pants.



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