Friday, April 6, 2012

Introducing a Brand New Type of Embellishment...I think I invented it!

Monday, April 9 - UPDATE - OK, it looks like I didn't invent my cute little embellishments, but the commenter who said she'd seen them before didn't tell me where or give me a link.  So, if someone has a link, I'd love to check out the inventor of this cool idea! ;)

Last night, while creating a last minute Easter layout for the store, I think I might have invented a brand new and COOL (if I do say so myself) embellishment!  I searched the internet and couldn't find anything exactly like it.  Yes, the supplies are used together in a few different projects, but nothing with just a Glue Dot and Baker's Twine.  Sure, it's a very simple ideas, but I think the best ideas always are!  My new "Swirl Pops" (yes, I just made that up this minute), are the perfect addition to your next card, scrapbook layout or altered journal...just a small 'pop' of color.  They are not at all sparkly or girly with absolutely no glitter, they'll be perfect for on projects for guys, heirloom projects or where you just want a bit of flair with no glitz!

So, without further the new Swirl Pop:

With a pile of baker's twine and a stack of Pop Up Glue Dots on my craft table, this idea just 'popped' into my head.

First, remove the clear acetate from one Pop Up Glue Dot.  Hold the cut end of a piece of baker's twine, twist the end clockwise, in the direction it is intended to twist, and press the very end into the Glue Dot with your finger nail or a paper piercer.  (If you're using twine from the bolt, don't worry about cutting the twine yet, any length will do, but I wouldn't go LESS than 6")

Next, twist the twine clockwise around where you initially pushed it into the Glue Dot.  Do this slowly, making sure the twine you are wrapping doesn't start to untwist (making the color & white strings very loose).  Keep the strings twisted while wrapping the twine around itself a little bit at a time.  You may need to use a finger to apply a little pressure to the swirls of twine as you wrap.

When you get to the outside edge of the Glue Dot, keep wrapping one more time, so that your twine is covering the side of the Glue Dot, as well as the top.  At this point, cut the twine, so that you have a very short tail, smaller than the diameter of the Glue Dot.  After cutting the twine, peel the Glue Dot off of its backing.  Flip it over and press the tail of the twine into the underside of the Glue Dot.

Congratulations, you have created your very own Swirl Pop!

After creating this layout and applying my Swirl Pops to it, ideas for new uses for the dots have been 'popping' into my head all day!  I'll be back soon with some more Swirl Pop creations!

For now, I'll share the Easter layout I created just before I came up with my new invention! ;)

I love the bunny stamps that coordinate with this beautiful collection from WeR.  The collection is called Cotton Tail and I {LOVE} it!!!

Happy Easter!  And please let me know what you think of my new embellishment!

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Paper:  WeR Cotton Tail Collection, AC White Cardstock
Ink:  Martha Stewart, Forget-Me-Not; Tim Holtz Distress Ink, Walnut Stain; Color Box, Heliotrope & Orchid
Baker's Twine:  The Twinery
Punch: WeR Lucky 8 (pink punch)
Template: The Crafter's Workshop, Chicken Wire


Sharalee said...

It's a great use of an old idea, the lolly pop type embellishment with twine. I've seen this with small strips of fabric, shoe laces, lace, small strips of paper and beaded string, and embroidery floss but on a glue dot is different. I love when people bring back an old idea with a new spin. Very clever.

wornoutwoman a.k.a. Kimberly McKay said...

That is super cute. You're very talented. :)

Sandy Ang said...

so fun the swirled twine embellie !

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