Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Things

I was just reading a post on Now with Baby, Joanna talks all about her little guy & what he's doing now. It just made me think that I should do some posts about what my kids are doing now. As we speak (or I write...), Jake just woke up in his crib and is chattering quietly to himself. I wonder if this is a developmental milestone. It seems like the first time he hasn't woke up & started squawking for me to come get him, half way between screaming bloody murder and asking for help. It's so cute to listen to him. None of it sounds like words yet. I swear Delaney said more than Bye & Baby at 13 months. I'll have to pull out her baby book though to check. Things always seem skewed from this angle. He's still only taking 3 steps before he throws himself down & crawls to his destination. But he did advance his pointing skills last week. Now, not only does he point, when he does he thrusts his hand quickly toward his chest, making a "fsst" sound....seemingly saying, "you see what I want, give it to me now!" He's still playing peek-a-boo, covering himself with anything he can find, sheets, towels, blankets, his own tiny hands slimy from just coming out of his mouth. He's just waiting for us to say, "Where's Jakey!" You have to say it in just the perfect high pitched voice and he starts giggling. Oh, don't get me started on his giggling. I need to make a video on my camera & post it. He gets instant attention from anyone who hears his, "He, he, he..." a la Woody Woodpecker!

OK, gotta go, the cutest little guy in the world just got carried in by Daddy in need of help...changing a blow out! Ahhh....such fun being a parent....of a little guy recovering from some yucky sickness! Better go help! :)

PS-Tonight Jake crawled into the room and blurted out his third word, "HI!"

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~Sandy~ said...

I am constantly taking out my sons baby book to check his milestones! it seems like he was more advanced in some things and she in others. it's hard because you only have the first child to compare to :O) hope that dirty diaper wasn't too bad!!


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