Monday, April 25, 2011

Layout of the Week - Easter 10 Minute Mini Album

Wow, I can't believe I'm actually writing a post for a Layout of the Week! :)  I know it's been a while!  During the time I've been away, I've been very busy...working a few part time jobs, organizing & rearranging things around my house, being a mom & wife and also getting in a little creative time.

I thought you might enjoy a quick idea using some of those photos you took this weekend of your Easter festivities.  You can make this album as simple or fancy as you like!  Use just the 10 minutes I allotted for my first album like this or go crazy with tons of photos & embellishments and spend an evening creating a masterpiece to share with your friends.

I created this fun mini album a month or so ago, and thought I'd better get on the stick and share it with you!  To create this quick album, I used a template I designed a while back as a quick gift for my mom.  For that album, I chose to use some scraps from a fall layout and the extra wallet photos that come with the Costco wallet sheet (they print 4 for 39 cents). Check it out on the blog I write for the store HERE.

This time, the paper was my inspiration! I chose two papers from WeR's Peep Collection, the Easter Tags & the Easter Eggs.  All you need to create one of these small albums is a few wallet or trimmed down photos (all the same size), a piece of paper just a bit larger than each photo (I used a 1/4" border around all the edges) - plus one for the cover, a hinged ring and a few embellishments.  Mount each photo on paper and punch a hole in the corner with a regular round hole punch.  If you have some fun small coordinating embellishments, use them to add a little flair to a page or two of your album.  Stack all your pages with the cover on top and place them on the ring and close it.  Embellish your ring with a few small pieces of ribbon, if you like.

As always, I'm linking my creative post to the Get Your Craft On Tuesday post over at Today's Creative!  DON'T miss all the great links over there!  And remember to add yours!

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Veena said...

Very cute, fancy and adorable mini album! The colours are cheery and fun! Love your creation.


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