Monday, May 4, 2009

What a morning...

OK, I didn't mean to leave everyone hanging with my "almost lit the house on fire" comment on Friday. Well, maybe I did, just a little!

Friday morning was just one of those mornings. Jake woke up at 6am, ready to roll. He & I hung out a while and then I took him in the bathroom, closed the closet door, gave him tons of toys & took a quick shower. After my shower, Jake & I went and woke up Delaney. She & Jake watched TV while I dried my hair. It was getting a little late when we headed down for breakfast. Toast was on the menu and everyone was hungry. I popped a couple pieces of bread in the toast, grabbed plates & toppings. Jake is a cinnamon toast guy and Delaney changes her mind a lot. Friday was a Nutella day for her. I try to switch her to peanut butter on school days, it just seems a little healthier, no chocolate.... But being in a hurry, I just said, "Fine."

While Delaney & I discussed toast toppings, Jake sat in his high chair screaming for his breakfast. So when the toast popped up, I grabbed his, buttered it, put the cinnamon sugar on top & cut it into little squares. I smelled something funny and thought maybe the toaster had overheated, so I unplugged it. I ran Jake's toast over to Delaney who was sitting by the screaming little guy, ready to toss him one piece at a time, so we wouldn't have a choking incident in the middle of our rush to get to school on time. Jake quieted down with the first bite of toast in his mouth and I headed back to the toaster to get Delaney's piece.

While at the toaster, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a big black circle. (Here's a little background info: I have one of those flat top, ceran stoves. It's black and seeing it dirty all the time, even right after cleaning it, drives me crazy. So my solution to this has been to put a nice clean, crisp white towel from Williams-Sonoma on it. This solution has worked perfectly, for almost three years.) Back to my big black circle....I quickly turned & saw that my clean, crisp white towel had a big black circle in it. Suddenly there were glowing orange embers inside the circle. I grabbed the towel, threw it toward the back of the stove, turned off the burner. Then I snatched the towel and ran out to the garage. In the garage, the towel burst into flames, I dropped it and stomped on it. Then I picked it up, took it outside, put it on the back sidewalk and ran water over it with the garden hose. I'm not sure how the burner got turned on, I guess I bumped up against it. The huge dual burner had been turned on high when I got to it. I'm so thankful that I caught the soon to be on fire towel before it burst into flames in my kitchen. At least I made it outside and hosed it down before any damage was done. Problem solved.

Or so it seemed. I headed back in to finish Delaney's toast & the house was full of smoke. Poor Delaney was coughing and asking what was wrong. I explained the near kitchen fire, as I opened all the windows. Finally I finished her toast and she was able to start eating breakfast. Needless to say, we left for school much later than usual! But somehow, Delaney made it to class without a "red slip" (tardy slip).

I could finally relax for a minute and take some deep breaths on my way to get groceries for my Cinco de Mayo enchiladas. It turned out I really needed those deep breaths. I didn't think my morning could get worse until the Starbucks guy told me, "We're all out of coffee!" Seriously, Starbucks is out of coffee?

Then, after filling up my grocery cart & entertaining little Jake all through the store, Safeway could only manage to have one checkout line open with the 8 people & their full carts in line. Leave it to me....I marched down the aisle and asked the two obviously Safeway employees if they worked there. And embarrassed supervisor answered, "Yes," as I explained the customer service faux pas I was stuck in....

Really, was this my morning, yes, doesn't it make everyone want to be one of those "Work At Home Moms"? Stressed out & tired already at 10am, I headed home to deal with my over-tired little guy, car full of groceries, house full of smoke, scrapbook kits to put together, layout samples to create and 2 pans of enchiladas to make. If only I could just sit & watch soap operas & eat bon bons all day! A girl can dream!


LindaJ said...

WOW!! That is quite the morning. Strarbucks out of coffee? That is enough to make me want to go back to bed for a do over.

Ann said...

Ah... the dream of bon bons.

Julie, this sounds like a crazy morning! Thank goodness we have our blog outlet to share our stories :->

So, how was YOUR Tornado party? I meant to send you a message Sunday after our party clean-up. The weather was absolutely CRAZY!!! I hope your Cinco de Mayo party was dry and fun.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand when stores only have one line open! Argh!

Wow, please don't keep a towel on there anymore! So scary!


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