Friday, December 11, 2009

Layout of the Week - Christmas Past

Sorry I've been away so long! In the middle of my holiday prep and school holiday party prep that I haven't posted a Layout of the Week yet. I have a couple Christmas projects all ready to go, just haven't written anything about them. Time sure flies by this time of year. And maybe I forgot because my fingers have been too cold to type! It finally "warmed up" this car said it was 15, for the last few days it's said 12 on the way to school.  I know that many of  you are laughing at me right now, you know who you're from the Midwest, Canada or maybe Antarctica!  But really, I'm in Portland and it doesn't get cold like this here for this long!  OK, we did have snow on the ground for 3 weeks last year, but that was a fluke...or climate change.  Of course just as many of you just ran to get your coats when you read 12, you're from SoCal, Australia or maybe the Sahara!  But I'm tired of pasting my daughter with Burt's Bees Lip Balm & that smelly, but wonderful hemp cream from The Body Shop.  And who wants to wear long johns under their clothes to school everyday?  I'm sure some of your kids do, but they probably also get to play in the snow at recess, we have no snow, just cold and a pond that's frozen over in our backyard.

Well, that's enough of me complaining, it certainly isn't that I'd like rain better, no way!  I just want summer back whenever it's convenient for me!

I think it's time to share one of my recent creations!  I created this layout with Graphic 45's Christmas past collection.  My mom recently gave me an envelope full of photos of me that she saved from photos she had sent my grandma over the years.  Grandma Muriel passed away a few years back and she had saved photos of all her grandchildren from the time when we were born.  I found these photos in my envelope.  They were taken when I was about 2 1/2, a few months before my brother was born and I didn't get all the attention any more! :)  I love how these old photos are square with white borders and the dates stamped on them.  I thought that they went perfectly with Graphic 45's style.  To me their retro papers go perfectly with sepia tone photos and the slight natural yellowing of these photos looks great with them.  I didn't want to crop the photos at all, so I let their shape dictate my layout and how I cut the yellowed catalog page to back them.  It's so fun to see my clothes and little pig tails, but my favorite part is seeing how my dad dressed in 1972!  I guess style really does come around again...check out those sideburns!  I can also see a few ornaments on this tree that I still hang on my tree!

I wanted to keep this layout from being very sparkly...I've been using tons of sparkle lately.  So I used a pack of Little Yellow Bicycle's felt die cuts along with felt ribbon from Creative Cafe and a few red pearls from Kaisercraft.  The next time you're scrapping photos from your childhood, or someone else's, check out Graphic 45's wonderful retro papers.  I've got a great project using their Transatlantique papers to show you soon! (probably after Christmas)

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If you've got some older, maybe slightly yellowed, photos you want to scrap, check out the beautiful retro papers from Graphic 45.  Sepia tone photos look great with their papers too!

Remember not to crop all the background out of your photos!  Choose a few photos where you will leave in some of the background, especially if it's your home or shows a little slice of how life was at the time.  It's fun to look back & remember what life was like for you as a child or for your kids to see how life was for their grandparents.


Graphic 45 Christmas Past paper collection (Graphic 45 Blog)
Creative Cafe red felt ribbon (Creative Cafe's Blog)
Little Yellow Bicycle self adhesive felt die cuts
Kaisercraft red pearls (Kaisercraft's Blog)


Ter said...

hi there, thanks for the comment you left on my blog! come again soon.

(it looks like you're into crafty things like I am -- I need to post some new craft posts soon)

Jessica said...

What a great layout. I'm starting to organize old photos for an album and this gave me some ideas for how to work with them.

Cheers! Keep warm & Happy VGNO.

G-Zell said...

I love crafting stuff but it stays in my closet I need to get motivated and carve out some time...

Love it looks fantastic!

mrsLicky said...

Hey, I found you on the "scrappin Mommas" Group on MBC, can't wait to check out your layouts and ideas!! I'm just getting started, but I hope you'll come check out my blog, too! :)

Flory said...

I wish I had more pictures of me when I was a baby around. This is a great layout, and gave me some ideas. Thanks! :)

Jenna said...

Thanks for the comment!! Banjo is fun to cuddle with, in fact we cuddled all night last night!

You are very talented at scrapbooking! that layout is fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Happy VGNO!

Anonymous said...

Well, my friend, I'm in New England and it's about the same temp here with ice on the ground and a big storm coming. And yes, long johns are great for going to school until you realize how hot the classrooms are. R kids don't go out for recess when it's that cold.

I used to be a Creative Memories Consultant, so I totally enjoyed your layout and your advice on the background in the pics. You make me want to tear open my stuff and do some scrapbooking. Have a Merry Christmas.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Love the retro look. And it goes perfect with the pictures.

Happy VGNO!

Martha in PA said...

You are so creative. I am hopeless at scrapbooking. I actually bought a 300 picture "old fashioned" photo album today to get all the photos that I am scanning out of the storage box they are in....

Stopping by from VGNO!

Tania said...

Happy VGNO!
Have a Merry Christmas!

Debby said...

I love my Graphic 45 so much. Very cool job you did with our layout.

I'm going to hit the follow button, you certainly have the stuff to follwo...if you have a chance check out !!

Pamela said...

Love this layout! :)


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