Thursday, August 27, 2009

Layout of the Week - Gymnastics

Delaney has been a gymnast since she was two. These pages commemorate her 2007-2008 year. Her individual & group photos are included along with coach & friend photos.

I was excited to find gymnastics paper that matched her Mini Olympic leotard for that year. Reminisce's Gymnastics papers in Perfect 10 and Gymnastics were fun to work with. I designed my layout to fit in as many of the "I Love Gymnastics" sayings as I could.

When I set my photos on the blue textured paper, I realized they would look find without mats. Not using mats made this a quick, easy layout.

First, I created the left page. Then I measured everything and created a mirror image layout for the right side.

This is a quick, simple, economical layout, using just two textured cardstock sheets, 2 printed sheets and one set of epoxy stickers as embellishment. For approximately $6, you can create a beautiful double-page spread, with some gymnastics papers leftover for more pages.


When using a solid background paper coordinates well with the subject matter of your photos, try laying them out on the paper to see what they look like. If they stand out nicely, consider not matting them. I love matting, but it does take extra time and it increases the cost of your project. So consider going without every once in a while!

Try creating the left side of a layout and then using its mirror image on the right side. This works best when you have photos that are the same size or photos that you can crop to the same size.

Use printed paper as an embellishment. I embellished my page with, not only the epoxy stickers, but with pieces of the gymnastics designed papers.

Supply List

Textured Royal Blue Cardstock (2 sheets)

Reminisce Gymnastics Collection Papers - Perfect 10 and Gymnastics

Creative Imaginations Epoxy Gymnastics Stickers from the Sportz Collection by Danelle Johnson

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Layout of the Week - My Birthday

Delaney loves to cook! For birthday last year, she decided she & Dad would bake me a birthday cake. The cake was a first for both of them. I stayed completely out of their way. they baked, frosted & decorated my chocolate cake with chocolate frosting all by themselves. They even took photos of each other as they went.

They were both pretty proud of their creation and I of them. We all had a HUGE laugh when we realized the frosting on top was thinner than the flour on the bottom of the pan!! Just so you know, we've had a "grease & flour the pan" lesson since, stressing the need to dump the excess flour out!

All in all, it was a great cake & a great birthday for me!

In designing this page, I wanted to include all the photos Delaney & Dave had taken of each other during the cake making process. Lately I've been working with the "less is more" philosophy with my layouts, trying to lower the number of photos I use on each page, thereby letting the very special ones stand out. But this time, I just couldn't leave any out. So, I decided to print all the photos of my bakers as wallets. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I really do love the fact that I can easily choose to print any of my photos as wallets, 4 for only 13 cents, on Costco's website.

With photos in hand, I made a trip to Whimzee's. (Whimzee's Scrapbook Studio, down the street in Beaverton, where I work part time...check out the blog I write for the store, Whimzee's Girls Online...but I digress....) Right there in the front of the store was a new collection that had just arrived, it was perfect. It seemed that Early Bird from Cosmo Cricket had jumped right off the shelf & into my basket. This collection is kitschy & retro, bright & full of pattern, all things I love in scrapbook paper. The cute tags & sayings would be just right with my birthday cake photos. I found two pieces of Bazzill's swiss dot paper to match, dark red & butter (these probably aren't their real names). Loving ribbon the way I do, I loved the way the dark red twill from Creative Cafe reminded me of apron strings. And since I've been caught up in an inking frenzy lately, I grabbed a dark red ink from Studio G's $1 line. Never being happy with just a couple embellishments, I added some mini buttons from our bulk embellishments on another visit to the store.

While I was working on this layout, all the ladies at the store reminded me that I should be very thankful for my wonderful family. They couldn't believe that my husband, first of all, baked a cake with his daughter and second of all, remembered to take photos for me as he did it! Thanks honey! And thanks Delaney for coming up with this great present for mom! :) I love you both!


I haven't used my corner rounder in a long time, but I had a feeling that rounded corners on my papers would go nicely on this layout. I used my old Creative Memories rounder for the tags, but I wanted a larger curve on my larger paper pieces. Not having extra money in my budget right now to go out & buy a cool new tool, I looked around my work area and found something that would work just as well. For the rounded corners on my larger paper pieces, I flipped them over and traced the curve from the lid of an acrylic paint bottle onto the paper and cut along the line with my scissors! Another MacGyver moment for Julie! I do kind of come by it should see what my dad can do with a pocket knife & duct tape!

One more tip...if you're looking for a way to create a cohesive look on your pages, try inking the edges of your page elements. Here, I used a dark red ink to ink the edges of almost everything on my page, including the background papers. Try it sometime, I love the way it brings everything together and gives my pages sort of a "worn" feel.

Supply List

Cosmo Cricket Early Bird Collection: Elements, Ribbon Sandwich, Sunrise & Apron Strings

Bazzill Swiss Dot dark red & butter yellow

Studio G ink dark red

Mini Buttons unknown manufacturer

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Layout of the Week - Envelope Mini Album

My mom's 60th birthday was last weekend. For the lady who has everything, I like to create small personal gifts. She has something fun to enjoy and it fits into my budget too, which makes us both happy! For Mom's birthday, I took the kids camping with her & my Dad. So I didn't have much time to work on a project this week. Thankfully, I thought ahead, knowing I wouldn't have a lot of time. I am kind of a control freak...OK, no one I know would say "kind of" about it. So I do TRY to plan ahead, it's just that lately my plans have taken so much longer than I anticipate. I blame it on the kids...but I digress.In my planning, I remembered a cute envelope mini album I made in a class at the store a couple years ago. I had saved it to use as a gift and boy did it come in handy. The album is made of 7 envelopes. Two for the front & back covers and 5 for the middle pages.On the front & back covers, the flaps are turned toward the inside of the album. Small blocks of paper are adhered so that only one side is attached, while the other holds down the flap, this way you can put fun things inside the envelopes. I used them to hold notes from Delaney & me to Mom. I also let Jake draw on a small piece of paper & stuck it inside too.The front cover of this album is embellished with papers, an embossed stamp, silk flowers and a dragonfly charm. Any fun group of embellishments could be used to create the look you want.The flaps are cut off each of the inside envelopes. A slip of printed paper is trimmed to fit inside each envelope. For this project, little metal tabs are added to the slips of paper. Ribbons or small paper tags would also be nice additions.To hold the album together, use a small circular hole punch to punch 3 holes down the left side of each envelope. (I punched one set of holes and used it as a template to punch the rest.) Place a hinged ring in each hole to hold the book together. Embellish the rings with ribbons or attach small pieces of painted chipboard with twine for a fresh look.This album is a great gift to give to someone who will fill it up herself. Or do like I did and fill it with all sorts of fun photos & memories. To coordinate with my album colors, I printed my photos in sepia tone. (This is one of my favorite tips when the photos you love don't coordinate with the papers you love!) I printed a few 4 x 6 size prints and cropped them to fit. But most of my photos were printed wallet size on Costco's Photo Website.

Give this envelope mini album a try the next time you're in need of a personal gift that fits into both your budget and your busy schedule!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Layout of the Week - Blazer Game

This layout celebrates Delaney's First Portland Trailblazer basketball game. A friend gave Dave his tickets for this game. Delaney had really been wanting to see a game in person, so this was perfect timing. The two of them had a great Daddy-Daughter night out. And we're only slightly worried that sitting in the club level section, with its endless free food, has spoiled Delaney for future games! We can't wait to answer, "Yes, those specks are the players!" and "No, you can't have all the candy you want, we have to PAY for it in these seats!"

But seriously, they both had a wonderful time and can't wait to do a Daddy-Daughter Blazer game again soon!

As for me, I had a great time with this layout. I started by cutting rectangles of varying sizes & laying them down in different ways until I was happy with the left side of the layout. Then I cut shapes to match for the right side. It helps if you write the sizes of your first pieces on their reverse sides for future reference.
I love symmetry, but wanted something a little different. So I laid out the right side exactly like the left and rotated it 180 degrees, ending up with the top right corner of my double page spread the same as the bottom left.

Next, I cropped my photos the same for each side and put them down in a semi-symmetrical design.
I inked the large rectangles and photo mats with red and black inks. My final touches on this layout were ribbon and a journal box stamped with the date of the game and an index card for journaling. Lastly, I added a trophy charm accented with ribbon to the box, adhered with a Glue Dot.
As far as journaling & titles go, sometimes it's nice to skip the large title and just go with a special memory of your event. Here's what I wrote in my box: Delaney's 1st Blazer game! In the long souvenir line...Delaney, "Dad Look!" Dad, "Yes, it's a nice Christmas tree..." Delaney, "No Dad! Look up there at the TV, the game just started, we'd better get back to our seats!" DADDY'S PROUDEST MOMENT!!!

Supply List

Red & Black Textured Cardstock
White Cardstock
Scrappin' Sports Custom Paper, Blazer Basketball from Whimzee's Scrapbook Studio
Misc. Red, Black & White Ribbons
Karen Foster Mini Charm - Talents (I used the #1 trophy)
Autumn Leaves Doodle Tagged Stamp Set, True Story
Date Stamp from Joann's
Colorbox Inks Black & Scarlet
Creative Memories 1 1/2" square punch


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