Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Layout of the Week - December Daily Album Part 1

This week I want to share my latest project with you.  I was looking through the blogs in November and came upon this great idea in two blogs that I read often by Ali Edwards and Katie the Scrapbook Lady.  The idea was to create an album with photos & journaling on a page for each day in December.  Both ladies suggested getting all your supplies together, some new, some old, collected from all your other left over past December projects.  Next create a page for each day in December, so that when each day comes, you can jot down a thought or two and take a photo.  Then when you print out your photos, you just have to stick them on their page and viola!, you've got a finished album to remember one of the most memorable months of the year!

Well, OK, that is an awesome idea.  And I had every intention of following it to a T....I gathered my old supplies and of course found some new ones at the store.  I checked out all sorts of holiday layout ideas.  I cut little number tags on the Cricut.  And then December came along.....

You'll notice that I haven't had a chance to attach some cute ribbon and put the number tags on each page...but they are coming soon! I also plan to add a few fun embellishments to some of my pages. I'll take photos of all the pages again, once the project is finished & share them with you!  (Oh...and I do know that Christmas is spelled incorrectly on Page 1 of my album!  So strange to have a manufacturer spell a word that important incorrectly, we are supposed to receive a new shipment of this paper at the store soon!)

I did shoot a photo each day, well, most days!  Some days I shot an extra photo, something that was important to me in December, a centerpiece, some special ornaments, so that when I I knew I shoot a photo on a given day, I'd still have one to put on that day's page.

I began my album in November, but I was only able to get 5 pages done before the rush of December began!  Then I was caught up in all the decorating, special festivities, party planning, wrapping & Christmas pageant practices.  Once the excitement died down, between Christmas & New Year's, I was able to complete a few more pages and have the photos printed out.

So I thought I'd share what I've been able to create so far.  I hope these photos can inspire you to create some projects to honor your memories of this holiday season!

Happy New Year!

OK, this is for all you VGNO Girls!
I did the macarena with a surfer in your bathroom because that's how I roll!
I think mine's pretty great!
Now, for those of you who I've totally confused, consider yourselves invited to the coolest blog party on the web!  Ann's Virtual Girls Night Out!  If' you've got a blog, head on over & put yourself on the blog hop list.  If not, just click on the names on the list to join in!
You'll meet tons of new bloggers & some great new friends by participating every Friday!
Ann's always got a cool video for us, along with a stiff drink (you know you need one!) and a great party game, I like this week's the best!
Ann's one of my Portland "homey"'s, so head on over  & tell her Julie sent you! :)
(OK, totally screwed up spelling & grammar on that one I'm sure...)
Happy VGNO!


J. L. W. said...

What a great idea! Your pages look wonderful. I still haven't started my 6 month old's scrapbook yet. Soon I'll find time to start, I hope.

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Hi. Visiting from MBC. I'm following you now & on Twitter too. I also love to scrapbook.

mrsLicky said...

hey there! thanks so much for your comment!! i'm actually already following you, i must have found you somewhere along the way when i was surfing through craft blogs!! :) i would love to feature you! do you have gmail? if so, is there a time we could meet on there and interview in real time? if not, i can just send you my questions in a survey form via email - whatever you'd like! shoot me an email at , and we'll go from there! :)

thanks again!,

Anonymous said...

Great idea!
And awesome pages!
Happy VGNO!

the Chacogirl said...

Dear Julie! I love your post today and your quote using Ann's idea turned out so funny! Happy VGNO!

Mary K Brennan said...

I so wish I had your creativity. I don't know where you busy Mom's find the time to do these lights I suppose?
Anyway, Happy VGNO!
Great work!

Carolee / Home4ever said...

Very cool idea and great pics!

Have a great VGNO!

Kat said...

Stopping by for a little belated VGNO action. Hope you are having a great weekend!

Veronica said...

Hello! Love the daily album idea! But I would definitely have to get out my camera more! I really like your pages--you have some cute and funny pics in there! What great memories! =)


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