Monday, February 8, 2010

My Words for 2010

I've been seeing so many scrapbooking bloggers who have chosen their "theme words" for this year.  I find tons of inspiration in the blogs by Ali Edwards and Katie the Scrapbook Lady.  Click on their names to read about their words for 2010.  I started wondering what type of word I might choose that would embody my goals for this year.  I thought about all the goals I've set for myself in 2010.  One of the big ones is to get my act together & get back into exercising...OK, it has been a few years, but I still call it getting "back" into it.  Along with the exercising, I'm working on eating less & healthier foods.  Of course these two things add into another big goal of losing weight.  Those three are my personal goals for my body in 2010.  Then I have an entirely different set of goals for myself in 2010.  These goals concern my love of scrapbooking and this blog.  My biggest goal for the blog is to eventually, hopefully in 2010, begin to gather some sponsors.  I am still relatively new to blogging, starting about a year and a half ago.  So I have some research to do to even start out toward that goal.  But I think that setting big goals gives me something to work toward.  A smaller, probably more attainable goal, is to find more followers who are interested in scrapbooking and papercrafting.  I'm taking some steps to reach that goal already.  And of course I'd appreciate it if any of you could pass along a link to my blog, or grab my button to jazz up your blog!  Thanks in advance! :)

So after considering these goals, my word, or words just jumped right out at me last week when I was putting away Jake's laundry.  Hanging on the wall in his room is a saying that Dave chose when we decorated Jake's room.  It says, "BELIEVE and ACHIEVE."  Reading it that day made me think of my goals and I realized that these two words would help me reach my goals for 2010.

So along with eating healthy & working out, I'm going to BELIEVE I can ACHIEVE my goals in 2010!  I'd love to hear your word(s) for the year...or just get you started thinking about what they might be!  It isn't only in January that we can resolve to strive for something special for ourselves and our families this year!


Carol said...

My word is "bold". Be bold in my goals for myself. Be bold in how I love people. Be bold in my faith. Be bold in expressing myself.

dianne said...

I really like this post

mrsLicky said...

Hey Julie!! I got your email, I'm going to go through it this morning and get it ready to post as soon as I get your pictures! I'm excited!! :)

Yeah, I was thinking maybe I over did it with the pixelating? I had a day I was all paranoid and now I'm thinking it might have been stupid...haha. We'll see!

And yes, I do have twitter!! It doesn't get the attention it used to....but I should use it like you said and mention specific projects and products - I'll try that!! You can find it on my blog, on the left side. I'm going to go check for yours and I'll follow you if I can find it! :)

Debbie's L'Bri said...

Believe and achieve are good goals. Pray and God will take you there.

日月神教-任我行 said...



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