Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Sweet Delaney!

Happy Birthday Delaney!

My sweet, loving daughter turns 9 today!

I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to this wonderful, creative, athletic, intelligent, compassionate, thoughtful girl.  She makes a great daughter, big sister, friend, granddaughter...and so much more!

Your dad & I are so proud of everything you do!
And Jake, well, he says, "PLAY DEE DEE!!  PLAY DEE DEE!!"

Have an awesome day and never forget how special you are!

PS-Kudos to Brooke at the Washington Square Sears Portrait Studio!  She took these wonderful photos of Delaney and so many more...of Jake also, even though it seemed we were pulling out all his teeth without anesthesia.  She somehow manage to make the phots look like they were both having a great time, not just Delaney!  So if you're in need of a photographer, give Brooke a call!

I'll share more photos & tell you more about Jake's fun Saturday in another post.
Wish us luck on Tuesday, Jake's having his second surgery for an inguinal hernia...first was at 5 weeks.


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