Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer's Coming Tablescape

I feel like I'm in the slow lane on the way to's taking FOREVER for any Summer weather to arrive here in Oregon.  So I've decided to turn up the heat and get creative.  When the box arrived with my Villa Appetizer Tray, it was just the inspiration I needed.

I combined the tray with a couple of my other Villa pieces to create a light, Summery centerpiece that creates a peaceful feeling with natural, neutral pieces.

By adding a piece of burlap as a table runner and tossing some shells in a pair of martini glasses, you can create a breezy summer look on your dining table or just a fun vignette on a side table.

If you're decorating your dining table, you probably need more than just one small tray for your centerpiece.  If you have two matching trays, great!  Use the second to create this same look and you're ready to go.  If you're like me and have just one tray, look through your dishes for two small ones that will give the other side of your tablescape a similar look, and use the same martini glasses and shells to finish the look.  One side balances the other out, even though they are not exactly the same.

I used two salad plates for my grouping opposite the tray.  For a nice balanced look on a medium size dinner table, place the tray grouping in the center of the table and one plate & glass grouping on either side.  These salad plate/martini glass pieces would be perfect as singles on small tables or in a row on your mantel. (Maybe I'll try this for my next mantelscape...hmmmm....)

Now, if you're trying to fill a larger dining table, like I was, think of the tray grouping and the two salad plate groupings as the right & left sides of your centerpiece.  For the center, look for a larger basket, bowl or similar container.  The exact size isn't nearly as important as the look of your container.  If you have a piece that matches the other bases you are using in this arrangement, perfect!  But it's fine if you don't, too!  I didn't have a larger piece for the center of my tablescape, so I chose a large hammered bronze bowl as my center container.  I think a large basket would look wonderful here also, in keeping with the neutral colorscheme.  I used this Cyprus Footed Bowl for my tablescape's center.  And to add a little height to the center of my table, I added new favorite thing, the Villa Pedestal with some shells and a chunky summer potpourri surrounding it and a large shell sitting on a bronze candle stand to top it off.

This center grouping can also stand on its own in the center of your table or on a side table.  Combined together these smaller groupings created a beautiful centerpiece on a large dining table.

Remember some of my favorite tips for creating great centerpieces for your table:

Find a color scheme that blends well with your room.

Think of the scale of your room...use larger pieces in larger rooms or rooms with high ceilings and smaller pieces in smaller rooms.

Use smaller, shorter items one the ends or around the edges of a larger center piece.  Then place larger items, progressively toward the center.  Picture creating centerpieces as creating a triangle or pyramid shape with the tallest items in the center.

Think in 3's...groups of items in 3's (or any odd number) are most pleasing to the eye.  For my Summer tablescape, I used 3 separate groupings...the Villa Tray serves as one, the Villa Salad Plates serve as another and the Cyprus Bowl serves as the third.

If you're looking for fresh, summer look, think neutral and stop by your local craft store.  Grab some of their economical burlap for a table runner and a few bags of their bargain shells to fill your containers.  Look around your house for some neutral dishes and containers.  White, ivory or brown would look great with this colorscheme.  Also, a natural basket or two would mix in nicely.  And instead of martini glasses, grab a few of your wine glasses to fill with shells.

If you need some decorating advice...just ask!  I love to help people organize and decorate their homes, just let me know what you'd like help with and I'll work on a post just for you.  I hope you get a few minutes to take a break from all your work and create a more beautiful space in your home.

Find most of the pieces I used in this tablescape over on my Willow House page. I sell these beautiful home decor products and I also share them & more decorating tips on my Willow House Julie page on Facebook. Stop by & visit when you get a chance.

And stop back here soon to see my next Layout of the Week project! Trying to decide which will be next...a Bella Blvd. project or one designed with Webster's Pages???? Hmmm..we'll see! :)

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